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#Huangry: Salads at Sidewall Pizza

You can trace my distaste for salad to my childhood. That formative period is where I began associating salads with semi-wilted iceberg lettuce, dried out matchstick carrots, and slices of unripe tomatoes. Those salads were only good for one thing: transporting Thousand Island dressing into my mouth.

As unappetizing as those salads were, the bigger crime was that they were boring. You've had iceberg lettuce before, right? It’s monotonous to chew—watery, bland, flavorless, and not particularly filling—and even the crunch of a fresh leaf feels halfhearted. As a result, I’ve been conditioned to recoil from raw, leafy things. Even so, every spring, when temperatures start climbing and everything begins blooming, it makes sense that I should try to like salads. 

Luckily, I found Sidewall Pizza’s Smoky Salad.

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