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#Huangry: Vault & Vator

I wasn't blown away by Vault & Vator when I walked in to do my shoot last week. I don't mean that as a diss — I was there before service started, and I've been familiar with Kirk Ingram's brand of mixology for a while. So in a sense, it would have required an amazing experience for V&V to top my expectations. And because the team behind V&V is the same team behind American Grocery, my expectations were already pretty high.

But the funny thing about expectations is that they have a way of distracting you from the actual value and strengths of a place. 

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My Week in Photos: 4/3-4/9

I'm sitting in the Terminal A Skyclub at ATL as I write this. On the road for another work trip, this time to Moab, UT, for Easter Jeep Safari. It should be fun. Should. But despite the gorgeous landscapes, it's another week away from home, another week of 12-hour work days, another week of being "on" all the time. 

And my flight's been delayed. Brilliant.

But this is not that kind of blog post, so here's just a smattering of photos I've taken the last week. (Actually, mostly just yesterday because weekends and stuff.)

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