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#Huangry: Vault & Vator

I wasn't blown away by Vault & Vator when I walked in to do my shoot last week. I don't mean that as a diss — I was there before service started, and I've been familiar with Kirk Ingram's brand of mixology for a while. So in a sense, it would have required an amazing experience for V&V to top my expectations. And because the team behind V&V is the same team behind American Grocery, my expectations were already pretty high.

But the funny thing about expectations is that they have a way of distracting you from the actual value and strengths of a place. 

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#Huangry: Rice is Nice

“Under promise, over deliver.” I live by this saying. You’re always going to be a hero when you blow away expectations. (Never mind the fact you’re usually the one setting those expectations at an all-time low.) That’s more or less the reason why I love simple foods and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. They have the greatest potential for surprising and delighting.

That’s especially true when you subconsciously cap their potential based on factors like their location—say, in a strip mall that shares parking with a gas station. Which is exactly the case with Korean BBQ, a restaurant so simply named that you have to wonder if it’s an authentic Korean joint, or merely a meta-hipster interpretation of Korean barbecue. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty authentic, and there’s nary a hipster in sight

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