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My Weeks in Photos: 3/6-3/26

So I missed last week's update. And the week before that.

I'm blaming it on my recent hellacious travel schedule: Mar 9 GVL >> DFW; Mar 9-12 in Ft. Worth, TX; Mar 12 DFW >> SLC; Mar 11-16 in Salt Lake City, UT; Mar 16 SLC >> GVL; Mar 17 to Columbia, SC, for my little brother match's residency match day. Then back to GVL in the same day for the first round of the NCAA men's tournament in GVL.

 And after all that, I had a clusterfuck of a work week dropped in my lap.

(Don't you love when that happens?)

Still, I somehow managed to get a few decent snaps in between all that chaos. Enjoy.

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Photo 103: My Settings

Where were we again? Oh. Right. I’d just overwhelmed you with WORDS about PHOTOGRAPHY and now you regret learning how to read, not to mention wanting to get better at photography. That’s cool. I get it.

So let’s simplify and talk about the settings that actually matter to you. (And if you want to get to something even simpler, skip to the bottom where I list the actual settings I use.)

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