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Bryce Menzies

Bryce Menzies is a Red Bull athlete and BFGoodrich Tires ambassador. He's made his name racing all manner of off-road vehicles, often winning in dominating fashion. In August 2016, he set a world distance record for a truck jump. However, a subsequent attempt at a longer jump resulted in a crash. Menzies suffered a few injuries and spent the remainder of 2016 recovering.

I visited and interviewed him in his Las Vegas race shop during the SEMA Show to talk about his relationship with BFGoodrich and what it takes to race million-dollar off-road trucks.

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Red Bull GRC 2016 Seattle

BFGoodrich Tires provided the spec tire for the 2016 season of Red Bull Global RallyCross. I attended the third to last race of the season, held at Evergreen Speedway outside Seattle, WA. In typical Pacific Northwest fashion, the weekend proved wet and gloomy.

With championship points at stake, drivers were aggressive despite less-than-ideal conditions. As their 600+ horsepower cars charged around the track, they packed dirt and gravel into ruts that would rip apart half-shafts, crack wheels, and flip vehicles before the weekend was said and done. Still, racers remained in good spirits between heats and races.

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