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Brains on Fire + Good Four

Just a quick plug for something cool we're doing at Brains on Fire. 

We're firm believers in putting more good into the world than not — it's a big part of our company culture, and why we put in a significant amount of work in 2017 to get B Corporation certified.

One of the initiatives we have internally is offering 4 hours of paid time, per employee, per month, to go volunteer. It can be anything from picking up trash, to offering pro bono creative services — just whatever we feel called to contribute.


In 2017, we decided to encourage others to join us with a movement called Good Four. 

We designated April 4 as THE day when we would encourage others to join us in this movement.Now, there are lots of companies that have this type of perk/inclination towards corporate responsibility — but it's nice to have an overarching movement/day devoted to this, which makes sharing about it easier, which makes it more likely that more people will see it, which hopefully encourages more people to join in.

Anyways, we're doing it again on April 4, 2018. And it's easy to join us. Sign up here, share about it on social media, and just go Do Good Sh*t.