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Refresh, Reorganize

I once heard somewhere that your portfolio shouldn't have anything in it over a year old. By that standard, this site has been long overdue for an overhaul. Luckily, there've been a few factors spurring me to actually work on this site:

  • The fact that the BOF social media team (formerly the community team) has been teaching Skillpop classes on personal branding, That, of course, entails some cursory explanation of how you should thoughtfully and intentionally curate your online persona.
  • Being invited by a former Furman professor to speak to a class of Comm Studies undergrads. Even seven years after graduating, I still feel incredibly underqualified to speak about having a career, especially since mine has primarily been the result of me stumbling into pretty good situations.

Both those very public engagements have been great motivation. There's nothing like knowing you'll have to go up in front of other very intelligent human beings and play the role of an expert

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.42.33 PM.png

In those situations, it's nice to have cool work to show and smart things to say.

In any case, I've pulled some old content off the Work page to simplify things and make room for more recent work. The old photo essays I had up there are still on the site — I've just moved them to the blog. You can still access them via the Photo Essay category.

Speaking of Skillpop, BOF is doing a continuation of the Personal Branding course with a course on Social Media for Small Business. Whereas the Personal Branding course was more high level and philosophical, this course will be geared more towards actual tactics and actionable processes. Should be a fun one to teach. You should come check it out.