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Brains on Fire + The Village of West GVL

One of the things I alluded to way back in July is the fact that Brains on Fire is moving. Well, since it's been about seven months since that post, we're practically moved. We bought a building in the Village of West Greenville, right beside the Village Grind on Pendleton St.

Sidebar: There is a weird amount of parallelism/deja vu about my career/offices. When I started at TOWN back in 2012, the Community Journals offices were in the Innovate Building, across the hall from BOF. Then CJ bought a building and up and moved to the Village. Then I went back to the Innovate Building when I started at BOF, and here we are again, back in the Village.


Like most of the buildings in the Village, it was in dire need of upfitting when we purchased it. Our space used to be a dry cleaner, then a furniture showroom/storage space, then generally abandoned and neglected. The one amazing feature of the space is the massive vault door that was installed to store furs safely. We've kept it and integrated it into the office design. It's now the door to our conference room. The less amazing features? Probably the dead rats and general dilapidation. It was the kind of place you'd expect to see in a horror movie — a real murder-y joint.

While our building has been getting worked on, I've been trying to sneak an hour a week to photograph some of the progress. Things have sped up dramatically in the last month, and really, we just can't wait to move.