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My Week in Photos: 7/3-7/9

What a weird week.

With the Fourth of July falling on a Tuesday, most of BOF took the Monday off for a long weekend. And while I came into the office and worked for a bit, it was eerily quiet. Then, with Tuesday as a holiday, we only had a three-day week to cap things off. I suppose I didn't mind. It was a little more laid back than things usually are.

On Tuesday night, I met up with Jose Zurita at the new Erwin Penland parking garage near Church and East McBee. I'd shot there before with Will, and I figured it'd be a great spot for catching the fireworks away from the crowds that were all over Main Street.

I was also looking for a slightly different view of the fireworks. When you're right underneath them, you're just craning your neck and looking through foliage. I wanted a view that was a little more removed, a little more atmospheric.

Then, on Sunday, I met up with Jose at Swamp Rabbit Café for a day beer, and Scott Hensel (who draws comics at @monstieur) ended up hanging out with us for a bit.