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My Week in Photos: 5/1-5/7

Uhhhh. So not a whole lot to report here. I worked a lot and did not take many photos.

Except for a few shots when I went to Columbia for my little brother's graduation from med school.

Only they're not from his graduation. Because those are lame photos. Instead, I got some shots of Max, Michael, and myself hanging out at Dark Horse Tattoo, getting semi-matching brother tattoos.

We all decided to get our respective Chinese names done in a seal-style design.Here's a mockup Michael made. The final designs have a double ring around the edge, and the lines themselves have a more hand-drawn, imperfect appearance. I think they look cool as heck.

It's actually not the first or most enduring tattoo idea I've had, but it's my first tattoo. I like that it inscribes this aspect of my identity onto my body: part statement, part reminder of who I am. I think, during the process of finalizing designs, when we had to double-check that our names were written correctly, was a sign that this bodily inscription was important. Because of where I live and who I talk to, I don't get to practice speaking Chinese, and I don't get to feel as immersed in the culture as I was when I lived in Taiwan. I feel the Chinese-ness slipping away, even if I continue to look Chinese.

Anyways, here's a fam photo because why not.