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My Week in Photos: 4/3-4/9

I'm sitting in the Terminal A Skyclub at ATL as I write this. On the road for another work trip, this time to Moab, UT, for Easter Jeep Safari. It should be fun. Should. But despite the gorgeous landscapes out there, it's still another week away from home, another week of 12-hour days, another week of being "on" all the time. 

And my flight's been delayed. Brilliant.

But this is not that kind of blog post, so here's just a smattering of photos I've taken the last week. (Actually, mostly just yesterday because weekends and stuff.)

First, brunch with Katie at Jianna on Saturday. I've been meaning to check out this restaurant for a while, but this was the first weekend I had time/energy to actually get out of bed for brunch. Having a Table301 gift card to use didn't hurt, either.

Jianna is Table301's first brand new property in a while, and it shows. It's probably the most cohesive property in the T301 portfolio in the sense that the food and atmosphere both match up. 

The concept is modern Italian, so there's a lot of fresh pasta and tomatoes. The food is a far cry from the stereotypically heavy, carby, creamy presence I associate with Italian. Coupled with with the space, there's a really nice fresh, airy, light atmosphere. Not at all like what you typically get with Greenville restaurants, what with their serious dark woods and rustic-inspired interiors. Katie also happened to direct much of the interior design, and it was really neat getting to eat brunch with her at this place she helped bring into being.

Afterward, I killed some time at Village Grind (which is what I do all the time, really) before a shoot at Vault & Vator. V&V is a new speakeasy concept from the folks behind American Grocery, with mixologist Kirk Ingram taking on a starring role. I'm only sharing a few images since most are going to the Greenville Journal, but I'll write up some further thoughts on the space and my experience there.

And that brings us to this very moment, where I'm perched above some Delta gate, waiting for my flight to start boarding. Pray for me. It's already been delayed 3 times, and my new departure time is my old arrival time.