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My Week in Photos: 3/27-4/2

The usual pattern of shooting for me: not much during the week, and a little on the weekend.

**grumble grumble something about working a lot and stuff grumble grumble**

However, most of what I ended up shooting was food — for fun, and on assignment. I find I really enjoy all the aspects involved with food photography: talking with chefs and learning about their food; really looking at their creations and seeing what makes them attractive; and after photographing dishes, sampling the goods.

On Tuesday, I ended up at Dive n Boar with Will — both of us were shooting for Community Journals, albeit for different publications. One of the things I find myself continuously surprised by is how helpful it can be to have a second shooter acting as a sounding board. Will is also a more technically sound shooter than I am, so it's great to listen to him talk through his decision making.

On Friday, I taught a quick tutorial on using a single flash to Moe. I'm entirely underqualified, but she managed to get a shot of me, which I'm really happy with.

On Saturday, I ran a 5K in the morning, which was kind of awful. I signed up last minute, I hadn't trained, and there were some nasty hills. (The route was through Cleveland Park and the Greenville Zoo, and looped up through some of the residential areas around Cleveland Park.)

When I got home, I caught some really wonderful light in my apartment building's hallway. And then I had a PBR for breakfast.

The lazy Saturday morning continued with a few hours at the Village Grind, where I had an affogato with homemade chocolate ice cream from Alex at GB&D.

It's really the best kind of dessert, I've decided. It's the kind of thing you order to signify maturity, restraint, and nuance. The portion is small — just a scoop of ice cream melting and swimming and swirling in a shot of espresso — and there are such wonderful contrasts: hot and cold; bitter and sweet. It's rewarding and playful without being overindulgent. Just the thing for a Saturday morning where you want to remain on your feet.

Later on Saturday, I went to the newly opened Stella's Southern Brasserie where I shot some food and interiors on assignment for the Greenville Journal. Here's a few samples of what I got. That luxury of shooting with Will earlier in the week? It translated into some concepts I got to apply at Stella's, and I'm incredibly happy with some of these images.