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My Week in Photos: 4/17-4/23

I'm in the midst of a pretty intense bit of travel. I got back from Moab, spent a work week in the GVL office, and followed that with a weekend at Road Atlanta (Braselton, GA) for The Mitty. Tomorrow, I fly to Nashville to do an interview and photoshoot. Accordingly, a lot of my photography has been work related.

At the beginning of last week, I shot some food at Biscuit Head. I wrote about Chef Jason Roy and Biscuit Head a few years ago, right when he and his wife announced they were taking the their Asheville-based restaurants to Greenville. Much of what I wrote then still applies.

Long story short: these biscuits are big, dense, and good.

They're down-home but inventive. Definitely budget time for a nap afterwards. I personally don't know that they're worth waiting in line (as many people do on Saturdays and Sundays), but who am I to dissuade someone from their biscuit desires?

As for The Mitty, I was there for BFGoodrich, but there wasn't much BFG subject matter for various reasons I won't discuss here. That said, it was still a really cool experience. Porsche was the featured marque, but there were a ton of rare, vintage race cars from a bunch of manufacturers, all doing what they were built to do. Lots of BMWs, Datsun 510s, a handful of Ford GT40s, Can-Am cars, Ferraris...A lot of these vehicles are so iconic, and seeing and hearing them in person is better than any Le Mans documentary.

There's also something I find very graphic and appealing about vintage racing liveries.

I'm a sucker for Gulf Oil and Martini Racing liveries — which means I'm about as basic as they come — but I'll take any of these vintage designs over modern race cars haphazardly festooned with aggressive, loud sponsor logos. 

I also took this chance to work on my panning technique. It's what results in those shots that feel fast, where the background is blurred with the race car in focus. The X-T2 held up admirably, with the main drawbacks being the EVF blackout between shots on continuous low/continuous high, and the continuous AF speed of my XF60mm f/2.4. The XF35mm f/2, with its faster AF, did a much better job of keeping up with the action. (Granted, there's certainly a bigger margin of error for that lens vs. something on the telephoto end of the spectrum.) The 50mm (FF equivalent) focal length actually ended up being perfect for where I was at Turns 6 & 7, too. I was close enough to the action that I could have just enough environment in my shots without losing the speeding cars on wide expanses of track.