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Musings at 13,000 Feet

  • There is nothing like a shitty photo to bring you back into the moment. It's hard to be there when you're just thinking about how to get the right or best shot.
  • It's nice when the conditions force you to just look and enjoy. Can't very well take a decent photo if your camera is tucked away in carryon luggage, if the cabin lights inside the airplane cause all manner of weird reflections, and if the windows themselves are super smudge.
  • How to airline windows accumulate so much smudging? Do people rub their faces on the windows?
  • Delta has stepped up their in-flight snacks in a significant way. Peep the brownie brittle, Sun Chips, honey roasted peanuts, Milky Way bars, and a yogurt bar. Of course you can still get the Snyder's pretzels and Biscoff cookies, but it's always nice to have choices, right?