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My Week in Photos: 1/30-2/5

This post is a bit belated, but it's been a busy week and weekend. I'm off to Johnson Valley, CA, for King of the Hammers (for BFGoodrich) this week, and it's been a sprint to get everything sorted beforehand.

However, I managed to squeeze in some time to spend with friends: 

  • I finally had folks over to my apartment for a dumpling party. (Paul and Erin brought their baby girl, Alana Moon.)
  • I shot with Kristen Bryant, another local photographer (http://kristenmbryant.com/). In addition to scoping out new parking garages, we found where the Barnum & Bailey circus train cars were parked.
  • Went over to MC's for the Super Bowl. (Not the end result we were hoping for, unfortunately.)

Like the past few posts, most of the images I got were from the weekend.

Next week — after all the travel — should be a little more exciting. But as a bonus, here's a Boomerang of Paul and Erin's little nugget.