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My Week in Photos: 2/13-2/19

This was...not one of my finer weeks.

I was hoping to have some time to regroup after getting back from KOH, but that wasn't an option. The first half of the week was chaotic and frustrating, but I ended the week on a better note.

I drove up to Mooresville, NC, on Thursday to visit Kyle Tucker and Detroit Speed & Engineering. (He's a BFGoodrich ambassador.) He has an impressive operation, and the guy's just plain nice and intelligent.

On the way home, I stopped by Kindred in Davidson, NC. They were on Bon Appetit's Hot 10 list for 2015, and the restaurant didn't disappoint. I had the Soigne West (a more bitter take on the Boulevardier) off their cocktail menu, which was rather good. I also loved that little play on Kanye's name.

For dinner, I had the milkbread, the artichoke lettuce wraps (kimchi slaw, wasabi tobiko, benne seed), the crispy oysters (dill yogurt, chile oil), and the squid ink conchiglie (NC shrimp, sea urchin butter). It was a hell of a meal with lots of delightful textural contrasts: crisp breading on soft oysters; crunchy slaw and fried breading around warm artichoke hearts; etc. The pasta was particularly fun. I found it a bit of a textural reversal: the pasta was chewy beyond what you might expect for al dente — I think it's just the character of the pasta, rather than it being undercooked — while the shrimp was just barely pert, soft almost in comparison to the pasta. 

Another cool thing? Sean, the barback, took me into the basement for a quick kitchen tour. I met Joe Kindred, mentioned I used to work for TOWN, and he pointed to a stack of TOWNs on a bookshelf. Definitely a neat moment.

I also took some time this weekend to practice some studio lighting. I bought some flooring tile to serve as backgrounds, set up my little speedlight and softbox, and went to town. I originally wanted to shoot some food, but my fridge is empty in typical bachelor fashion. All I had were a few brown bananas and a pot of coffee. Luckily, a watch I ordered came in, so I was able to do some product shots there as well. (More on the watch in a future post.)