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My Week in Photos: 2/6-2/12

As I alluded to the last time I did one of these, this week was a killer. At work, it was a sprint to finish prep in time for King of the Hammers on Wednesday. And then, from Wednesday until Saturday, it was another sprint of travel, event coverage, engagement, and all manner of complications that result from trying to do a social media takeover for a major brand in the middle of the desert with very minimal (and unreliable) Internet access.

On the upside, it's been a productive week of shooting. I grabbed a few portraits of Kylee, our new (and old) BOF intern. Johnson Valley, CA — which is where KOH is staged — was also gorgeous.

There's something really magical about a tent city that sprouts in the middle of a dry lakebed for a week. Something really ethereal and crazy. The Republican Burning Man, someone said. Hard not to agree.