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My Week in Photos: 1/23-1/29

I'm on a pretty regular schedule: office, gym, home.

Or if I'm feeling adventurous, Village Grind (to work remote), gym, home. 

There's not too terribly much that I find interesting in those places anymore. It's a combination of having already shot a bunch of stuff there, lack of light, and being busy. As a result, I find myself not shooting much during the week.

At least this weekend, I got out of town for a bit. I went to ATL with Blair and Will to see the High Museum's exhibit Arbus, Avedon, and Winogrand, and ended up feeling a bit inspired by the photography and the amazing space/light. Not to mention the food and shopping at Ponce City Market. I suppose all the general things that make large urban centers interesting. 

I also had a chance to shoot a friend who's been modeling in Toronto. (His mother is a friend who used to work with us at TOWN on our big fashion productions.) It was nice: low pressure, new subject matter (since I don't typically shoot people), and photogenic subject. More on Cole in a future post.