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Travel Numbers

Whoo boy. Since we just wrapped up the first half of 2017, and I'm finally in a lull of travel (until late August, at least), I thought I'd take stock and document all the travel I've done since joining Brains on Fire last April. It's a doozy. 

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#Huangry: Bad But Boujee

This is a story of food, love, and travel in the modern age.

...just kidding.

This is primarily about food, tangentially related to travel, and it takes place in the past 2 days, so yeah, I guess it's modern and stuff too. But it's definitely not at all relevant to love. That part was a lie.

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#Huangry: Hattie B's Hot Chicken

Look. I don't know what hot chicken is supposed to taste like. (Other than spicy fried chicken.) I didn't grow up in Nashville eating it, and in fact, I've only had honest-to-God hot chicken one other time, in Columbus, OH. (Shoutout to Hot Chicken Takeover!)

But there's so much hype around it, and there was something really rewarding (if sweaty) about the time I had hot chicken in Columbus.

On the suggestion of former BOF intern Sydney Scaggs, I went over to Hattie B's (the West Nashville location) before I left town. Thankfully, it was almost 4pm, so there was no line and plenty of room in the restaurant.

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My Week in Photos: 5/1-5/7

Uhhhh. So not a whole lot to report here. I worked a lot and did not take many photos.Except for a few shots when I went to Columbia for my little brother's graduation from med school.

Only they're not from his graduation. Because those are lame photos. Instead, I got some shots of Max, Michael, and myself hanging out at Dark Horse Tattoo, getting semi-matching brother tattoos.

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